A sneak preview: formally I cannot uncover my thesis until September 10, but of course it is possible to publish the summary. I developed a mini booklet, following the thesis and wrapping it up neatly.

Summary PhD thesis: Facilitating Team Cognition By Guido Stompff

As a reading guide:

The practice of New Product Development is not exactly a neatly ordered process and several topics are addressed that may seem to require a separate study, yet could only be understood by exploring them together: team cognition, designing in teams and distributed teams. Consequently the thesis is of interest to various readers.

Part 1 describes the problem setting, the research questions and the (unusual) method.The reguar stuff a thesis has to start with.

Part 2 is for those interested in team cognition and/or the practice of product development. It can be  read as a separate study revolving around the question what factors constitute team cognition, how and why.

Part 3 is for those interested in what designers contribute to multi-disciplinary teams. It concerns a separate study on what designers contribute to team cognition.

Part 4 concerns distributed teams in NPD in-the-wild.  Also generic conclusions are drawn and several (thought provoking) recommendations are made.

Enjoy it!

  1. Bruce hogge

    Interesting blog.
    You might take a look at the work of Michael Kirton.
    In his work on problem solving he states the first problem that must be solved is how to work together…once understood people can then move forward in solving the bigger problem that brought them together in the first place. See the research by Kirton behind the Kirton Adaptor Innovator Inventory. An interesting piece of work…


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